Bed reservation in pvt hospitals has created panic: Oppn leader

Margao: Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat on Tuesday said that the decision of the government to reserve 20 per cent beds in every private hospital in State has created panic and fear in the minds of the people.

“Is the government trying to take COVID to every hospital bed? ” questioned Leader of Opposition.

He asked the Chief Minister how safe will be the other patients if COVID patients are admitted in small hospitals in State.

“The government needs to come out with a concrete action plan on handling of COVID pandemic in State. I am now issuing a final ultimatum to the government to release White Paper on COVID pandemic in State,” said Digambar.

Leader of Opposition also sought to know why the government is not making the optimum use of South Goa District Hospital.

He said that the Chief Minister should take up the matter with the Prime Minister and immediately get money from the PM Care Fund to make all the facilities in the hospital fully operational.

“The government should take all the stakeholders into confidence and try to identify one hospital in each District and designate the same as COVID Care Hospital. The general order issued by the government has resulted in creating fear and panic in the minds of people. There are some hospitals which are non-operational; the government can take over such hospitals for COVID care,” he said.

Kamat raised questions about the preparedness of the government on handling COVID pandemic in State and status of 200 ventilators which were ordered by the government as per the statement made by the Chief Minister.

He also questioned the government over creation of a 20,000 quarantine facility as claimed by the Chief Minister almost two months back. The current situation gives scope for everyone to believe that the government did not do anything during the 40 days lockdown period.

“Most of the hospitals in the State are comparatively small with hardly three to four beds in the ICU. The room capacity of the hospitals is hardly 10 to 15 rooms in such hospitals. I was contacted by the people across the State who have expressed concerns on the government decision. The people seeking treatment in the hospitals catering to gynaecology, eye care and general surgeries and medicine wards will feel unsafe and insecure to get admitted in the hospitals if they know that COVID patients are admitted there,” he added. [H]