Bhandari Samaj leaders told to sort out leadership issue


Members of the Bhandari Samaj has served a deadline on the warring community leaders to sort out the leadership issue within 15 days. 
Satyavijai Naik and others told the media here on Tuesday that enough is enough and both the Kalangutkar and Hoble groups should keep aside their egos and differences and work in the interest of the community. 
He also appealed to the community leaders to intervene and impress upon the two warring groups to resolve their differences amicably and work for the common good of the community. 
Replying to a question, Satyavijai said that members of the Bhandari Samaj community  will chalk out the future course of action if the two groups fail to resolve their within the 15-day deadline.
He said, the differences on the leadership issue have affected the image and interests of the community, adding that the time has come for the community to take a call. [NT]