Bhoma villagers stop work on ‘illegal’ road


Claiming illegalities, villagers from Bhoma on Sunday stopped the work undertaken by the Bhoma-Adcolna Panchayat.
According to reports, in Ward 2, the panchayat, with the help of an excavator allegedly dug a pit to dispose garbage collected from the weekly Friday Bazzar at Banastarim.
The villagers alleged that under the guise of disposing garbage, a mud road is also developed beyond the site.
Villagers have demanded that the expenditure incurred on the work should not be paid from the panchayat funds. Villagers also claimed that the approach road to the village playground was damaged by the excavator.
“This is fishy. I don’t understand why there is a need for a road beyond the pit. The land belongs to the IDC and the panchayat without any permission has undertaken the work,” a villager, Sanjay Naik, told Herald.
“We are not against development, but such illegalities will not be tolerated,” warned Naik.
Villagers were suspicious as the work was undertaken on Saturday night and demanded that the panchayat henceforth should discuss such issues at gram sabhas.
“A couple of years ago, we during the gram sabha had objected to garbage disposal in this area. There are playground, crematorium and even couple of houses in close proximity,” said a villager, Surya Bhomakar.
“I don’t understand how the panchayat could overrule the demand of the villagers. This is not totally unacceptable and such activity is not in the interest of the villagers,” added Bhomakar.
Deputy Sarpanch Damodar Naik, who was also present on the site, admitted that the land belonged to the IDC and that the panchayat was waiting for the permissions.
“During the panchayat meeting, we had taken a resolution to dispose garbage from weekly Friday Bazzar in Ward 2. We had written to the IDC for permissions and we are waiting for their reply,” informed Naik.
However, Naik could not reply as to how the work was undertaken without permissions from the IDC. Naik later assured the villagers to stop the work. [H]