Bicholim market vendors stage rally

Tension gripped Bicholim market area on Wednesday when 150 vegetable vendors, many of them from other states, marched to the Bicholim municipal council (BMC) building after the council authorities removed tarpaulin and plastic covers erected by the vendors.

During the monsoon season these vendors used to cover their items with such plastic or tarpaulin covers in order to protect the same from the rains. After the monsoon was over, the BMC authorities had intimated to the vendors not to erect tarpaulin or plastic covers and most of the vendors were allotted umbrellas by the BMC authorities to cover their goods.

In spite of this, the vendors, who are mostly outsiders and come once a week, refused to follow the BMC instructions. They erected the tarpaulin covers and started selling their vegetables and other items on Wednesday. Later, BMC authorities took strict action and removed the tarpaulin sheets. Following this action the vendors marched to BMC office after suspending their businesses.

Wednesday being the market day, the place was full with vegetables and other items for sale. There were a large number of non-Goan vegetable vendors who especially come on Wednesdays to sell their vegetable produce on space allotted to them by BMC on sopo basis.

Later, a special meeting to discuss this issue was convened at BMC which was chaired by BMC chairperson Anisha Vernekar and attended by deputy chairperson Narayan Betkikar, chief officer Varsha Mandrekar and other councillors.

"Hence forth we will not tolerate any violation of law like using plastic bags, dumping garbage in the middle of the market and other matters relating to town cleanliness," said deputy chairperson Narayan Betkikar. [TOI]