Bicholim new market complex runs into rough weather


The recently inaugurated Bicholim new market complex has run into rough weather, with a person accusing the Bicholim Municipal Council (BMC) of failing to have a completion certificate as well as an occupancy certificate.
The person has also threatened to initiate civil or criminal proceeding against the BMC if vendors are not evicted from the new market complex.
In a letter dated January 7 to the BMC, Vaikunth Parab Gaonkar has served a notice under Section 289 of the Goa Municipality Act 1968. BMC had recently inaugurated the new market complex and was in the process of shifting the vendors after demolishing the old structure.
According to sources, BMC had made some changes in the earlier plan and it was required to submit the revised plan for approval and get a completion certificate from the Town and Country Planning, but BMC reportedly failed to do it and inaugurated the complex.
Sighting all these facts, Gaonkar claimed the act of the BMC is “illegal”.
“There is a penalty provided under the Goa Municipalities Act 1968 for occupying the new construction without occupancy certificate. It amounts to endangering the life and property of the public at large,” stated the letter.
The letter further asked BMC to stop shifting the vendors and to vacate the shop owners.
“You are here informed, made aware, cautioned and warned that if you do not vacate the shop owners in the new municipal market complex 2012 and further to stop the shifting of vendors in the said complex till you obtain the occupancy certificate, I shall be constrained to initiate civil or criminal proceedings before appropriate authority of law against you holding you personally responsible and liable for all the illegalities and untoward incidents that might cause in the said complex in the absence of occupancy certificate,” warned Gaonkar.
When contacted, Deputy Town Planner Sanjay Harlankar admitted that they have not yet given the completion certificate to the complex and “so is illegal”.
When contacted, BMC Chief Officer Varsha Naik said the BMC has now submitted the revised plan to the TCP and will soon get it. “I am newly appointed here and was unaware about all these things and has now applied for the completion certificate,” added Naik. [H]