BITS Pilani: New model for Multi Campus Education


BITS Pilani along with BITSAA (global alumni association) on Wednesday launched new model for Multi Campus Education with BITSConnect 2.0.
This campus technology which comprises immersive telepresence, high definition video conferencing and live streaming technologies by connecting all the three BITS Pilani campuses situated in Goa, Pilani and Hyderabad, is a project valued at over USD 5 Million. Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo launched the new model for Multi Campus Education.
Sources informed that soon BITS Pilani campus at Dubai will also be connected to this modern technology. Furthermore, it was stated during the press conference held before the inaugural ceremony that this facility will be taken up in a three phase manner and will be of great help to meet the problem of shortage of staff.
This University Alumni initiative was also simultaneously launched at Pilani and Hyderabad campuses, while being connected to Cisco’s offices in San Jose and Boston.
Through this technology, BITS Pilani will now be able to impart 14 specialized electives across its campuses by professors serving any of its campuses through face-to-face communication without the need of travelling to that particular campus.
Speaking at the occasion, Governor Wanchoo complimented the BITS family for taking the initiative of creating a world-class ICT infrastructure to connect its campuses through BITS Connect 2.0.
“In the arena of knowledge exchange, this represents the smart use of a great technological tool. The emergence of ICT, its revolutionary impact on our educational process and the evolution of a virtual university and knowledge management is no more a distant vision. I am confident that many other institutions in India will follow BITS Pilani and expand their knowledge delivery mechanism and outreach,” said the Governor. [H]