BJP’s honeymoon will end in a year, says NCP

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Saturday termed the BJP-led government’s tenure in the State as “honeymoon period”, which the party claimed would end within one year.

Speaking to reporters, Union heavy Industries Minister and NCP leader Prafulla Patel said that government is currently enjoying a honeymoon period, which they should be allowed to enjoy.

“Every government has a honeymoon period. BJP’s honeymoon will end once it completes one year in office. At the end of this period, people will also come to know the reality of this government and its functioning,” he said.

Patel said that BJP government has introduced and implemented several populist schemes, just to keep up its popularity ratings amongst the public. “Even after facing financial crunch due to mining halt, it has not stopped implementation of its schemes,” he added.

Meanwhile, the party, while holding Congress responsible for its downfall in the March 2012 Assembly polls, has announced to continue its alliance with Congress for 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Patel said that NCP would fight the Parliamentary polls in alliance with Congress and will continue its claim on the North Goa seat.

Responding to a question regarding troubled relations with Congress, Patel said, “We are considering that we should fight elections together.”

When asked, Patel conceded that NCP’s humiliating defeat in assembly polls was due to failure of the party organisation and also non-cooperation of Congress workers.

“At certain places the support by Congress party was not as good as we were expecting. We don’t blame the Congress leadership. We have told the Congress that they need to work closely with NCP,” he stated adding ‘anti-Congress anti-NCP mood also cost the party.’ [H]