Black Forest Cake

6 eggs
130 gms white flour sieved thrice
20 gms cocoa
250 gms ground sugar

For filling and decoration:
50 gms cherries
3 tbsp rum or kirsh
250 gms whipped cream
100 gms chocolate – grated, pieces or curls

Separate egg yolks from the egg whites. Beat the egg whites very stiffly, add sugar and egg yolks. Beat well until the sugar is dissolved. Finally fold in the flour lightly along with cocoa. Grease a round mould, put the above cake batter and bake in a pre-heated oven until ready. When cold, cut the cake into two. Place one sponge layer in a serving tray and sprinkle with 3 tbsp of rum or kirsh and about 6 tbsp of syrup from the cherry tin. Cover the layer with whipped cream and top with cherries. Do the same with the second layer of the sponge and place it on the first sponge layer. Decorate with grated chocolate or chocolate pieces or chocolate curls. Keep in the fridge.