Blocking of railway track: 2-day remand for Tivim youth

Mapusa: Mapusa JMFC court has remanded a Tivim youth, who was arrested for allegedly blocking railway track at Tivim, to two days in police custody.

On Friday evening, Mapusa police had booked seven Tivim residents including six minors for allegedly blocking railway track by placing stones on the track between Pernem and Tivim, thereby endangering safety of those travelling by trains.

Police had arrested Akhil Talawnekar in connection with the case, while other six minors, who are in the age group of 15- 17, had been detained and later their custody was handed over to their parents in view of COVID-19 pandemic.

Police informed that with an intention to see how a train gets derailed, the youngsters had initially kept a small stone on the track but it got crushed under the wheels of a train and, hence, next time they decided to place a concrete slab on the track and waited for a train to pass, however, that day since no train passed they went back.

Police informed that a railway patrolling team had found the slab placed on the track and it was removed.

However, after few days, the youngsters again placed slabs on the track and waited for a train to pass. When a train arrived, the alert locomotive driver stopped the train and raised an alarm following which the track was cleared and a complaint was made, informed police sources.

In this connection a senior section engineer of Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd Amit Kumar Yadav had lodged a complaint.

Acting on the complaint, the Konkan railway police had registered the offence under section 150(2) (a) of Indian Railways Act, 1989. Mapusa police is further investigating the case. [NT]