Boss of starred hotel booked for theft of TV signal

Agasaim police on Saturday registered a case against Yusuf Balva, director of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bambolim, for allegedly stealing the video signal of 20 pay TV channels and transmitting it illegally to hotel rooms.

The Grand Hyatt, though, was confident the issue would be resolved soon. "I believe it is a misunderstanding and this will be sorted out by next week," Stefan Radstrom, the hotel's general manager, told STOI.

The complaint was lodged by Tungesh Mishra, an officer for a Mumbai-based agency. Police sources told STOI that according to the complainant, during the last few days, the hotel was transmitting signals of a few entertainment channels without paying any money to the distributor.

Police sources also said that Mishra stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Thursday and recorded a channel which was an illegally transmittied signal by the hotel. Acting on the complaint filed by Mishra on Friday, police visited the hotel and conducted the panchanama.

"Six receivers and one LCD were attached during the panchanama," police sources said, adding that the complainant has distribution rights of some channels and without signing an agreement with the complainant, any hotel having more than 50 rooms cannot show these channels.

Police sources said that during the last six months, the hotel has not paid the fee for transmitting the signal.

Police registered the case under Section 379 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Sections 51, 63 and 65 of the Copyright Act, against Yusuf Balva, the hotel's director, and J K Saraf, finance and administration director, for committing theft of signal of paid channels. Further investigations are being carried out by police sub-inspector Dinesh Gadekar. [TOI]