Boxer Kevin shines

Kevin George (Peoples HS) got the better of Nehal Banaulikar (St Joseph HS) 29-20 in a high scoring bout at 16th De Souza Ventures State Boxing Championship organized by Goa Amateur Boxing Association in association with SAG at Campal, Monday.
A record number of 202 boxers are participating.
Pralhad Panda (Panjim Boxing Club) started aggressively against Prajwal Shetty (Peoples HS) with a flurry of punches which forced the referee to stop the contest.
Prem Bahadur (SAI Ponda) got the better of Pushkar  Bhosale (TBC) in a trilling contest.
This is the first time Prem has beaten Pushkar  after many meetings.
Chandan Chauhan (TBC) got past Maliksab (Ponda SAI) 29-17.
Juniors: Kamal (SAI Ponda) bt Vinod (Rosary HS) rsc; Santosh (SAI Peddem) bt Vishnu (M Boys) rsc; Umesh Visawakarma (Panjim Boxing Club) lost to Gaurav Naik (Peoples HS) 20-24;
Sanjay Harijan (RCC Panjim) lost to Rahul Ramatri (Ponda) rsc; Fridsab Mulla (Panjim Boxing Club) lost to Tombisana (Margao) rsc.
Sub-juniors: Manthan (Anthony) lost to Anwar (Peoples) rsc; Amay Borkar (Margao) bt Rakesh Malage (Margao) rsc; Hanumant ( Margao) bt Mohn Altaik (Margao) 6-2; Pulket Naik ( M Boyes) bt Laxman Kodbal (Peoples) rsc; Cazer Deva (M Boys) lost to Imran Mulla (Margao) 9-12; Dinesh Belgekar (Margao) bt Arvind Gop (Ponda SAI) rtd; Waman Kamble (M Boys) lost to Pio Pinto (Margao) 18-25. [H]