Boy assaults burglar at Parsem


An alert 12-year-old boy assaulted a burglar suspected to be main accused in the Assagao murder case and foiled a burglary at his house at Parsem-Pernem on Thursday evening.
The burglar entered the house of Hanif Khan through the rear door on Thursday at about 6 pm.
 Yusuf Hanif Khan (12), who was alone in his house at Parsem-Pernem, noticed the accused.
Sources further informed that the burglar threatened the 12-year-old Yusuf Hanif Khan and warned him not to make any sound, as he opened the cupboard and tried to steal a purse.
Sources stated Yusuf grabbed a wooden stick and assaulted the burglar.
Caught off guard, the burglar fled from the house leaving behind the purse and ran towards the nearby jungle, sources further stated.
The description of the accused closely matched with that of the Assagao murder accused. Pernem Police conducted the panchanama and are investigating the case. [H]