Building faulty speed breakers criminal negligence: Francis

Asserting that faulty speed breakers and its periodic maintenance amounts to criminal negligence, Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza on Friday said that concerned authorities and officials should be taken to task for negligence.
“What is required is accountability, which is not happening at the moment. We blame the government, but there are people responsible to do certain things. There should to be accountability in the administration”, he told Herald on the sidelines of a meeting with Municipal Chairpersons and Chief Officers here this evening.
On the sub standard quality of speed breakers and lack of maintenance, the deputy Chief Minister law requires the PWD to install indicators, cat eyes, erect sign board and construct the speed breakers et al, but lamented that this is not happening on the ground.
When his attention was drawn to the elaborate guidelines laid down by the high court on speed breakers, D’Souza shot back “we have to do our things. These are all routine things, but sadly, we have neglected them”, adding that concerned PWD and Municipal engineers should be taken to task for negligence. [H]