Butterfly beach is one of the smallest beach in Goa. Butterfly beach is located in the north direction of Palolem beach. Goa Butterfly beach is famous for Dolphin play and highly picturesque magical sunset. The butterfly island is only 37 kilometers from Margao. There are road ways to reach the island as it is covered with dense forest.

To reach Butterfly island, one needs to reach Palolem beach by private yacht or speed boat with beautiful water ride along with dolphin trip to Butterfly island. The distance from the main land is not more than 200 m and a short yacht cruise is good enough to reach the island.

Goa Butterfly beach is famous for the picture perfect sea shore beauty, magnificent sunset, play with Dolphins, footprints of crabs and goldfishes and sea urchins. The dolphins are extra acrobatic in the waters surrounding the island. The Butterfly beach was named by earlier tourists who used to visit the place and saw millions of butterflies flying on the blossoms on the hillside. It’s a beautiful place to visit.