Calangute suffers ‘gas problem’


A gram sabha of the Calangute village panchayat on Thursday evening saw heated exchanges between villagers and the distributor of gas cylinders.
The gram sabha, which had been called to discuss the problem of migrant workers residing in the village, could not discuss the issue because of the absence of a representative of the mamlatdar.
In his absence, the gram sabha discussed the problems surrounding the delivery of gas cylinders. Villagers harangued the gas dealership owner, Mangesh Teli, over the issue of shortage of cylinders, non-delivery of cylinders at the residence of consumers and also sought clarifications over the number of subsidized gas cylinders. Vijay Singh, a representative of Hindustan Petroleum, was also present at the meeting.
Singh clarified that the nine subsidized cylinders will be from the next financial year, while the quota for the current financial year is only six cylinders, while in reality only three will be available since the scheme was notified only in the second half of the current financial year.
People also complained about the non-delivery of cylinders to the homes of consumers. One irate villager shouted, "Close down the agency," while others too echoed this sentiment. The gram sabha then resolved to give the dealer time till March 1 to rectify the situation, failing which they would hold a 'Calangute bandh' on March 2.
Towards the end of the meeting, a nun, representing a school, appealed to the villagers to exercise restraint when it comes to making complaints about harassment of girl students and related subjects because of the sensitive nature of the matter.
She said this because a villager had made a complaint at the last gram sabha, which later turned out to be a false complaint. She asked villagers to first verify the facts, before they complain, and to not rush to a public forum to air their grievances. [TOI]