Calendar of Goan history in Africa

TIMELINES – Goans in Africa

Timeline – Kenya

Year Place Event
1594 Mombasa Portuguese build Fort Jesus
1698 Mombasa Omani Arabs seize Fort Jesus and end Portuguese rule
1865 Zanzibar C.R. de Souza opens store on island
1884 Zanzibar M.R. de Souza starts a business
1889 Mombasa Souza opens branch of his store
1900 Nairobi Creation of township of Nairobi
1901 Mombasa Goan Reading Room opened in house of D.L. Pereira
1904 Nairobi Portuguese Cricket Club formed by 29 employees of the Uganda Railway
1905 Nairobi Portuguese Cricket Club closed by Uganda Railway authorities due to disputes between railway and non-railway employees
1905 Nairobi Non-Railway Goan members of the former Portuguese Cricket Club re-group and form the Goan Institute
1905 Mombasa St. Francis Xavier Goan Tailors Society formed
1906 Mombasa C.R. de Souza opens Mombasa branch
1909 Nairobi M.R. de Souza opens branches in Nairobi and Nakuru
1909 Nairobi Railway Goan employees re-organize to form the Railway Goan Institute
1911 Mombasa Goan Reading Room name changed to the Goan Institute
1915 Mombasa Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa arrives in E. Africa and is appointed a Government Medical Officer
1916 Nairobi St. Francis Xavier Goan Tailors Society formed
1919 Nairobi Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa moves to Nairobi and enters private practice with his wife, Mary, also a doctor
1927 Mombasa Goan Institute opens new building on Salim Road
1927 Nairobi Goan Overseas Association formed by Dr. A.C.L. D'Souza on 9th. July
1928 Nairobi Dr. Ribeiro Goan School opens in April with 38 children in premises loaned by Dr. Ribeiro
1931 Nairobi New Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Building opens on 19th July
1934 Nairobi Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa serves a member of the Kenya Legislative Council for four years
1936 Nairobi Goan Gymkhana formed by break away group of Goan Institute members
1943 Nairobi Goan Gymkhana opens stone building club house
1946 Mombasa Eighty delegates from all parts of East Africa assemble for the East African Goan Conference with Dr. A.C.L. D'Souza as Chairman
1955 Nairobi Goan Institute moves from downtown to new premises in Pangani suburb
1956 Nairobi Goan Overseas Association opens new Secondary School building on May 24
1958 Nairobi Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa dies on July 17th, at age 75
1959 Mombasa Tailors Society open 3-storey club and rest house
1963 Kenya Kenya becomes independent
1967 Nairobi Closing of Railway Goan Institute
1962 Uganda Uganda becomes independent
1961 Tanzania Tanganyika becomes independent
1963 Tanzania Zanzibar becomes independent, and joins Tanganyika to form Tanzania