Camorlim villagers want govt to compensate VP for revenue loss


The villagers of Camorlim during the gram sabha, on Sunday, resolved to write to the government demanding that the compensation be given to the panchayat for the loss of  revenue  caused  due to its decision on  house tax abolition.

The villagers were informed that for the current financial year, the panchayat has registered a shortfall in revenue collection to the tune of Rs 80,000 as many villagers did not pay the house tax.
“The panchayat so far has collected just Rs 1.26 lakh, whereas the  during the corresponding period of the year 2011, the panchayat had collected above Rs 2 lakh,’’ the  panchayat  secretary  said.  
The  sarpanch,  Ms Siddhi Savlo Naik, said  the panchayat did not get any circular from the directorate of panchayats over the abolition  of the house tax.
But still, people did not pay based on the assurance of the  government that  from April 2012, the  government  would abolish the  house tax in Goa.
The panchayat body while presenting the budget for the next  financial year, pointed that the income of Rs 3.15 lakh through house tax has been projected.[NT]