Canacona worker tricked into parting with Rs 88,000


 A worker at Canacona was tricked to part with Rs 88,000 and later found Rs 1.04 lakh siphoned off from his account with a reputed bank.
Anand Lamani, a laborer at a stone quarry, was shocked to discover the money missing from his account, which he had deposited a few days earlier.
According to Lamani, he had gone to deposit money in a third party account, when bankers at Canacona took his mobile number and began to pester him to open an account, which he finally did a few days ago. 
When Lamani finally opened the account, he began to receive calls on his mobile from a helpline number. Lamani stated that he was asked to deposit Rs 1 lakh in his account and in two days, he would get Rs 25 lakh. He reportedly agreed to the request and made different deposits in the last 3-4 days with the last deposit being on Friday morning.
Incidentally, Lamani had also deposited about Rs 88,000 in two different accounts of another bank, as provided by the tricksters. The culprits then transferred the remaining amount by using internet banking.
When contacted, the branch manager informed that when Lamani first went to deposit an amount in a third party account, he was warned by a staff member on finding the third party account suspicious. 
“As is their usual practice, the bankers advised Lamani to open an account, which he finally did at the beginning of this month. As per the bank’s procedure, he was provided with a kit consisting of an ATM card, ATM pin and Internet banking Pin and procedures,” informed manager.
Realising that the customer was duped by the fraudsters, the bank staff advised Lamani to contact Canacona police.
The branch manager said that the bank’s internal investigations found that the money had been transferred using internet banking to an account in UP. [H]