Cancona residents threaten rasta roko

Residents of the Pansulem, Kindem, Rajbhag and Patnem in Canacona taluka have threatened to stage a rasta-rokho agitation, if the authorities concerned do not take any action against the vendors, who are sitting on both sides of the road at Chaudi-Pansulem bazaar and obstructing the smooth flow of the traffic and causing inconvenience to pedestrains here.

Led by the councillor of Pansulem ward, Mahadev Desai, they alleged that the Canacona police are fully responsible for traffic jams as they do not take any action in spite of repeated requests by the Canacona Municipal Council (CMC).

The residents also pointed out that the city buses going towards Pansulem, Rajbhag and Kindlem make prolonged halts on the busy road in front of the municipality entrance, where vendors occupy the space on both sides of the road. When contacted, CMC chairperson Ajay Bhagat agreed that traffic on the stretch from Chaudi to Rajbhag is hindered due to roadside vendors and encroachments by shop owners. Bhagat said the municipality will send another reminder to the Canacona traffic police highlight the problem.

Demand for domestic workers welfare board: Goa domestic and migrant workers forum at a meeting held on Tuesday has demanded the setting up of a domestic workers welfare board and also that the government should play a big role in giving justice to domestic workers.

The meeting held in association with Bailancho Saad, discussed various issues pertaining to the welfare of the domestic workers and lamented that despite being described as a progressive state, 'Goa is yet to make legislations to give the domestic workers their due rights'. Fr Desmond De Souza of Goa domestic and migrant workers forum, gave details of the work done to ensure that salaries are paid to domestic workers by drawing up contract agreements between domestic workers and employers. It was resolved to hand over a memorandum to chief minister Manohar Parrikar to press for inclusion of domestic workers as workers in the Minimum Wages Act.

The meeting also decided to hold a convention to press for a National Domestic Workers Act and appropriate state legislations. The meeting also decided to call upon trade unions and labour organizations to support the demand. Sabina Martins of Bailancho Saad also spoke. [TOI]