Candolim PHC team checks migrants for health cards


 Teams from the Candolim primary health centre (PHC) have been visiting construction sites all over the Candolim-Calangute beach belt, which has been witnessing frenzied construction activities, to check whether all the migrant workers possess mandatory health cards which are issued to them.
Migrant workers have been identified as carriers of vector-borne diseases and all of them are supposed to be checked for malaria. A large number of health cards are being issued almost every day and workers found without the cards are fined."My team takes anti-larvae measures, identifies potential mosquito breeding sites, we take photos of breeding sites and go back to the community to inform them of these sites," health officer Maria Sequeira told TOI on Friday, adding that the people's involvement is essential to prevent any outbreak of diseases.
"When there is an outbreak of disease, they point fingers at us, but it is their responsibility to ensure that preventive measures are in place," she said.
The Candolim PHC has a fish breeding centre to provide fish to people who have wells. The fish when introduced into wells eat the mosquito larvae. "We hope to have 100% coverage of wells, especially unused wells which are breeding sites," she said.
Sequeira said the Candolim PHC will be holding a workshop on vector-borne diseases on April 4 in Candolim as part of their ongoing drive against diseases like malaria and dengue.
Awareness meetings are also being held in neighbouring villages lie Nerul, Saligao, Verem, etc. [TOI]