Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelim youth form panel to monitor developments

Youth from areas under the jurisdiction of village panchayat of Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelim have constituted a committee ‘Cansaulim Villagers Action Committee’ to keep a watch on developments in the area and monitor every decision taken by the panchayat body. The CVAC is headed by Ms Malika Fernandes while Mr John Fernandes is the vice president and Ms Elcy D’Sa and Mr Antonio Colaco are the secretary and treasurer respectively.

Speaking to this paper, the CVAC president, Ms Fernandes claimed that the committee will oppose any ills going on under the garb of development. She disclosed that members of the committee will keep an eye on resolutions taken by the panchayat body during its meetings and gram sabhas. She emphasised that the committee has sought measures to address the garbage menace which is spreading like a plague in the village. The committee has made various suggestions to the village panchayat body to curb the garbage menace in village jurisdiction, she added. She also disclosed that the committee would oppose any mega project in the village panchayat jurisdiction. [NT]