Carmona locals seek police help after empty shell casings land on houses

Margao: Villagers from Carmona sought help from the Colva police on Wednesday, a day after empty navy shell casings fell on their homes. Colva PI Melson Colaco assured to take the issue to the collector and navy officers.

On Tuesday evening, at around 5.45 pm, residents of the Xiro waddo heard loud sounds from an ongoing navy practice session at a testing range nearby. Some reported to have seen the shells crashing through their mud tiled roofs leaving gaping holes in them. Around 50 to 60 empty casings were gathered from around 10 houses in the area though no injuries were reported.

The police were called and inspected the areas where the casings were dropped later that day. On Wednesday, residents along with the local panch Francis Da Costa visited the police station again to file an application seeking help in preventing any such incidents in the future that may cause injury to their children and elderly.

“During the navy firing on Tuesday, maybe by mistake, their empty shells had fallen on our homes. Our problem is that in the future if any of our children and elders are injured who will be responsible,” said Francis.

Local resident Rita Da Costa speaking to media after meeting Colva PI, said, “We were standing on the road and talking when we heard there was firing but we didn’t know where the casings had fallen. Later in the evening, I found there were holes on my roof and we found empty casings on the ground. My husband can’t hear and wasn’t even aware of the incident,” she said reiterating the need for caution.

Colva PI Melson Colaco meanwhile assured locals that the collector and navy officers would be informed of this matter. [NT]