Case of ‘missing’ PWD meters hits roadblock

Is the PWD interested in recovering the nearly 2000 water meters worth Rs 4.75 lakh, which have ‘disappeared’ from the PWD store room at Headland Sada?

The complaint filed by PWD (water department) at Baina regarding the theft of 1,922 water meters has hit a roadblock, as the PWD has failed to provide witnesses to the Mormugao police.

“No one from the PWD is coming forward to become a witness and hence, the case has come to a grinding halt,” said a source at the Mormugao police station.

According to sources in the PWD, the lower-rung staff employees are aware of the identity of the culprit, but are reluctant to divulge the name for fear of incurring the wrath of the culprit.

When asked if the case is lying in cold storage, Mormugao Police Inspector Suresh Gaonkar replied: “Investigations are in progress. We are perusing the matter with the PWD.”

When contacted, PWD Assistant Engineer (water department) Vishambar Bhende, who has taken charge barely two days ago, said he was aware of the problem.

“I will address the issue once I get all the details,” said Bhende.

It may be recollected that former PWD Assistant Engineer Vijay Kudchodkar had filed a complaint with Mormugao police on December 11 regarding the theft of 1922 old and new water meters from the PWD [H]