Cases of condoned delays may lose leases


The state government may have to review all 42 mining leases that were brought back to life by condoning the delay in the renewal process by the past state governments.
The central empowered committee has recommended that the Supreme Court direct the state government to review and cancel all these leases if they are found to be not permissible.
After the mining concessions were converted into leases in 1988, the leases were to be renewed by the cut-off date of November 1988. But, taking upon itself the powers to condone the delay, the state government renewed the leases.
The CEC, in its interim report, said the condonation of delays by the state of Goa in respect of the mining leases for which the applications for first renewal of the mining leases were not filed within the time limit prescribed under the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960, may be directed to be reviewed by the state of Goa and cancelled if found to be not permissible.
"The details of the officers and others found responsible for such lapses may be directed to be placed before the SC for appropriate directions. Till such time mining leases may not be permitted to resume mining operations," states the report. [TOI]