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art  cultureThe GOACOM Biography Series celebrates the life and work of people who have brought honour to Goa and the Goan Community.

When preparing for this section there were formidable problems to overcome: Where and how to obtain a credible list of names, and biographies?

A quick survey of books, magazines, and newspapers, revealed the names of 150 famous persons ranging from freedom fighters, community leaders, nation builders, clerics, artists, writers, scientists, industrialists, and men and women in sports. There is little doubt that with further research the list could be more than doubled.

GOACOM acknowledges contrbutions from the following sources:

Mr. Alfredo Froilano De Mello of Montevideo, Uruguay, Prof. Ann Menezes of Aldona, Goa, Dr. Jose Colaco, Bahamas, Mrs. Elvira Uvenhoven, Toronto, Mr. John Lobo of Mississauga, Ontario, Mr. Joseph ( Boogie) Viegas, Goa, Moira Village Association, Toronto, Fred Noronha, Goa, Goa Now Webzine, Goa and Goa Today Magazine, Goa.

Goan Artists

Goan Professionals


Goan Academicians

Goans in Africa


Dr Acacio Viegas

Dr Teresa Albuquerque tells about a simple Goan medical practitioner, who created an impact by his brilliant diagnosis of the disease, which he said was Bubonic Plague. He himself tended patients at great personal risk and at the same time conducted a vigorous campaign in the press to clean up …

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JOE ROSE – Salt-n-Pepper of Konkani Tiatr


HIGHLY talented tiatrist and singer Joe Rose has been riding on the crest of popularity for several years. Tiatr audiences lap up his lovable, satirical songs and marvel at his excellent character roles. At Bonaventure D’Pietro’s tiatr “Boroinnar-Director” staged recently in Anjuna, Joe Rose had to appear again and again …

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Reginald Fernandes – a prodigious Konkani writer

Reginald Fernandes, a prodigious Konkani writer

Remembering Reginald TRAINED in music but infatuated with literature, Reginald Fernandes, Patxai Romansicho, has left behind probably more books than any other known novelist. Reginald was not only a prodigious Konkani writer but also a proficient lyricist, musician and playwright. The time for the vespers had arrived at the Church …

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Blessed Father Joseph Vaz , awaiting Sainthood

Compiled By: John J. D’Souza of GOACOM Blessed Father Joseph Vaz Born Goa 1651 ~ Died Sri Lanka 1711 It is over a year since Pope John Paul II made his pilgrimage journey to the Asian and Australian continents. On his way back, he stopped in Sri Lanka to beatify …

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Tristao de Braganza Cunha – Father of Goan Nationalism

Tristao de Braganza Cunha First Day Cover issued in Goa; September 1998~ Courtesy Jerry Menezes 1891 ~ 1958 Father of Goan Nationalism This account is abstracted from the book ” FRANKLY SPEAKING, The Collected Writings of Prof. Frank D’Souza” Editor-in chief Mgr. Benny Aguiar, published by the Prof. Frank D’Souza …

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Pascoal de Mello, M.B.E.

A Life Well Spent A biography of Pascoal de Mello, M.B.E. BY Teresa Albuquerque    

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The Nairobi Heroes Sports Club

THE NAIROBI HEROES SPORTS CLUB 1950 – 1968 Nairobi Heroes Football Team Photo Courtesy of John Lobo. 1950 Soccer Season Champions Standing: Luis Pereira, Anthony Raposa, Cajetan Fernandes, Billy Gomes, Aselmo D'Souza Billy Gomes, S. Soarers and Anthony Fernandes. Sitting: George D'Souza, Xavier Santiago, Johnny Lobo (Captain) George Rodrigues, and …

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Dr. A.C.L. deSousa, Community Leader in Nairobi

By: John J. D'Souza The Founder Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa 1883 – 1958 Our next hero is Dr. A.C.L. de Sousa, also a medical doctor, but whose lifetime achievements and service to the community warrants a special place in our collective memories. This narrative can only provide a summary of …

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Dr. Rosendo Ayres Ribeiro, Pioneer Doctor in Kenya


Following the arrival of the railway in 1897, Nairobi had soon grown into a town with muddy streets and ram shackle wood and sheet-metal buildings built on stone plinths to ward off termites. Our next hero, Dr. Rosendo Ayres Ribeiro, appears on this scene in Nairobi, February 1900, as the …

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The Hunter – Manuel Anton (Sonny) da Silva

Our first hero has all the hallmarks of those we read of in classical literature …. fearless men, the slayers of ferocious beasts. But first to set the scene. It starts at the end of the nineteenth century, long before the land we know today as Kenya became a political …

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