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art  cultureThe GOACOM Biography Series celebrates the life and work of people who have brought honour to Goa and the Goan Community.

When preparing for this section there were formidable problems to overcome: Where and how to obtain a credible list of names, and biographies?

A quick survey of books, magazines, and newspapers, revealed the names of 150 famous persons ranging from freedom fighters, community leaders, nation builders, clerics, artists, writers, scientists, industrialists, and men and women in sports. There is little doubt that with further research the list could be more than doubled.

GOACOM acknowledges contrbutions from the following sources:

Mr. Alfredo Froilano De Mello of Montevideo, Uruguay, Prof. Ann Menezes of Aldona, Goa, Dr. Jose Colaco, Bahamas, Mrs. Elvira Uvenhoven, Toronto, Mr. John Lobo of Mississauga, Ontario, Mr. Joseph ( Boogie) Viegas, Goa, Moira Village Association, Toronto, Fred Noronha, Goa, Goa Now Webzine, Goa and Goa Today Magazine, Goa.

Goan Artists

Goan Professionals


Goan Academicians

Goans in Africa


Eupsiquio Eusebio Antonio Ligorio Fernandes, a Goan playwright


EUPSIQUIO EUSEBIO ANTONIO LIGORIO FERNANDES Soul Search BENAULIM, the nursery of tiatr in Salcete, gave birth to Eupsiquio Eusebio Antonio Ligorio Fernandes, on April 9, 1939. With SSCE for education, he took to watch repairing, motor mechanics and subsequently worked as a steward in the Royal Navy. His ardent love …

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Ramkant Dinanath Poulenkar….A passionate Konkani writer


RAMKANT DINANATH POULENKAR A passionate Konkani writer passes away By Alfonso D. Braganza Ramakant D PoulenkarRAMAKANT Dinanath Poulenkar, a prolific Konkani writer and journalist breathed his last on July 29 due to heart failure, at the age of 68 years. The veteran writer was cremated the same evening. Poulenkar, originally …

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