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Goan History

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Ancient Goan History
Pre-Portuguese Era
The Portuguese Era
Decline of Portuguese Power
Bombay’s Early Goan series

Goans in Mozambique, by Frederick Noronha

NEWSFEATURE Goa: Goans in Mozambique From: Frederick Noronha < fred@goa1.dot.net.in> Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 13:49:01 +0500 ***************************************************************** GOANS PLAYED AN UNRECOGNISED BIG ROLE IN MOZAMBIQUE ***************************************************************** By Frederick Noronha Goans migrated East Africa since a long back, played a pioneering role in countries like Mozambique, and did help to …

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Goan migration abroad, by Frederick Noronha

GOA Migration From: Frederick Noronha (fred@bom2.vsnl.net.in) Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 23:24:29 0500 GOANS HAVE MIGRATED, ON A LARGE SCALE, FOR OVER THE PAST 100 YEARS Londonbased Stella MascarenhasKeyes was born in Kenya, and like many Goan expatriates, came back to discover her roots. Over the years, she’s undertaken much …

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Early female migration from Goa, by Dr Teresa Albuquerque

 EARLY FEMALE EMIGRATION By Dr Teresa Albuquerque During the thirties, as the general exodus from Goa gathered momentum, over 60,000 individuals left home. The majority were Roman Catholic, Hindus and Muslims comprising just about a tenth of that number. It was out of necessity, but it was largely a discomanised …

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Calendar of Goan history in Africa

TIMELINES – Goans in Africa Timeline – Kenya Year Place Event 1594 Mombasa Portuguese build Fort Jesus 1698 Mombasa Omani Arabs seize Fort Jesus and end Portuguese rule 1865 Zanzibar C.R. de Souza opens store on island 1884 Zanzibar M.R. de Souza starts a business 1889 Mombasa M.R.de Souza opens …

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Prominent dates in Goan history

TIMELINES – Goan History   Year Month Day Place Goa Event World Event -1200     India   The beginnings of Hinduism -300     Goa Goa under Mauryan rule of Ashoka the Great   400     Goa "Kadambas conquer Goa. Chandor capital of Devarajah, Bhoja King"   600 …

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Goa’s Liberation by India, ANIMATION !!

Prelude to the attack … Some background information 1498 Vasco da Gama lands in Calicut on the west coast of India 1510 Alfonso Albuquerque captures coastal region of Goa 1787 "Pinto Rebellion" by Goan priests is brutally crushed 1755-1910 The "Rane" rebellion 1910 Portugal becomes a democratic republic 1924 Military …

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Goa’s Independence


Goa’s Freedom Movement By: Lambert Mascarenhas Co-Founder & Former Editor of Goa Today, Panaji.   This account is taken from Bibliography of Goa and the Portuguese in India By Henry Scholberg with the collaboration of Archana Ashok Kakodkar and Carmo Azevedo 1st edition – New Delhi, Promilla, 1982 xix, 413p., …

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Decline of Portuguese Power

Decline of Portuguese power Except for short bouts of occupation by the British, from 1797-98 and 1802-13 (during which, Goa in effect became a British protectorate under Portuguese civil authority) the Portuguese faced very few threats from the outside from the late 17th century onwards. However, they had to deal …

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The Portuguese in Goan Folklore, paper by Prof. Teotonio R. de Souza

Goa and Portugal: Their Cultural Links, Eds. Charles J. Borges & Helmut Feldman, New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 1997, pp. 183-197. * Footnotes have been dropped from the text reproduced here. The reader will need to consult the original in print to obtain these references.   The Portuguese in the …

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The Cuncolim Martyrs, paper by Prof. Teotonio R. de Souza


WHY CUNCOLIM MARTYRS? An historical re-assessment By: Teotónio R. de Souza Painting in the Church of Colva. One of the Jesuits killed was parish priest of Colva. Courtesy:Teotónio R. de Souza There is much being said and written nowadays and efforts are underway for re-writing the history of the Church …

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