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The familiar ponk! Ponk! Sound of the Poder’s horn at dawn forms as much a part of Goa as does this tiny state’s numerous and unique customs, feasts and festivals. In Konkani there is no difference drawn between the bread delivery man and the baker. They are both referred to …

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By Malini Bisen The 42-day Maha Kumbh Mela (Great Kumbh Fair), which begins January 9, will draw 30 million devotees – roughly the population of Canada – to Allahabad where the holy Ganges and Yamuna rivers meet. KUMBH MELA DATES IN 2001: * 9 January 2001: Paush Purnima * 14 …

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Aged homes in Goa proliferate, reflecting changing times..

Pamela D’Mello: Aged Homes proliferate in Goa. From: Eddie Fernandes ( Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 14:46:54 +0000 AGED HOMES PROLIFERATE IN GOA, REFLECTING CHANGING TIMES. By Pamela D’Mello. The Asian Age. PANAJI: Goa’s homes for the aged have proliferated in recent years, giving hint of rapid urbanisation and …

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Rediff: In search of the “Real Goa”

  Rediff: In search of the real Goa     From: Frederick Noronha (     Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 22:47:47 +0500 Thanks to Frederick Menezes for sending this thru. FN Rediff on the NeT dated May 25, 1999 Bookshelves and beaches: In search of the real Goa Ashok Banker If …

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Goan homes .. an unrecognized treasure


Goan homes… unrecognised treasure   From: Frederick Noronha Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 01:03:32 +0500 GOAN HOMES: DA CUNHA SAYS THE TREASURE IS STILL TO BE UNDERSTOOD Every culture expresses their genius in different ways. Goans seem to have concentrated on their houses. All the crafts and skills were …

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Traditional Goan homes under threat from commercial interests

TRADITIONAL GOAN HOMES UNDER THREAT FROM COMMERCIAL INTERESTS. By Pamela D'Mello.  From      The Asian Age Traditional Goan houses — specially sprawling mansions scattered across the state — are facing a "great threat" from commercial interests and the changing social structure, achitectural experts have warned.      "Goan houses are truely splended …

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Daily Telegraph: India with more than a touch of Portugal

India with more than a touch of Portugal. Stay on the beaches in a brochure idyll if you must. But for Goa at its fascinating best, says Pankaj Mishra, venture into the hinterlands. The Daily Telegraph, (UK) 12 Sept. 1998 Flying into Goa, setting eyes on its brilliantly sunlit greenness …

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Is Goa loosing its distinct culture?


GOA: FORMER PORTUGUESE COLONY HAS CHANGED FOR BETTER …AND WORSE by Frederick Noronha Panaji (GOA), Nov 6 : This former tiny Portuguese colony and headquarters of Lisbon’s empire in Asia is becoming “more like the rest of India… with each passing day”. Both positive and negative changes have taken place …

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The Bulls of Goa


There are fighting bulls in Goa, a small state on the west coast of India. They are the cause of enough noise, frantic sprinting, and even bloodshed to recall the bull runs of Pamplona earlier in the century. But this is Goa at the end of the century. And the …

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Carnival in Goa


  Carnival in Goa is a 4 days festival of color, song and music, providing a healthy entertainment for all, young and old. The soothing climate, full of fun- ‘n’ -frolic, which the Carnival generates, is much longed for. There is enthusiasm and happiness all around. The word ‘carnival’ is …

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