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art cultureThe east is the east, the west the west, but the twain do meet in Goa. After all, where in the world would you find Christmas celebrated with as much zest as Diwali, or where fish curry and rice are eaten side-by-side with chouricos (Portuguese for sausages). Imagine yourself strolling amongst women full dressed in their saris wading through one of Goa’s numerous beaches, and then having the (mis)fortune of accidentally walking over a not so fully dressed person taking in the rays. Goa is indeed a bridge between the east and west, with Goans (NOT Goanese!) serving their role as bridge keepers or “Culture Brokers” between the two. In order to better appreciate Goa and its unique culture, history and people, we hope that you take some time to browse through the several sections listed below.

To Cherish and to Share: The Goan Christian Heritage

(Paper presented at the 1991 Conference on Goa at the University of Toronto by John Correia Afonso S.J.) Goan Catholic Heritage.pdf The 1991 Toronto Conference on Goa is gathered to consider certain distinctive elements of the Goan cultural heritage, as part the wider theme of continuity and change in Goa. …

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St. Francis Xavier, Patron Saint of Goa

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, FRONTLINE JESUIT MISSIONARY AND PATRON OF GOA by Prof.(Miss)Anne Menezes of Goa This account is taken from the souvenir brochure of the XV Solemn Exposition of the relics of St. Francis Xavier 21 Nov. '94 to 7 Jan. '95 in Old Goa, India,   Notes from GOACOM: …

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Blessed Father Joseph Vaz , awaiting Sainthood

Compiled By: John J. D’Souza of GOACOM Blessed Father Joseph Vaz Born Goa 1651 ~ Died Sri Lanka 1711 It is over a year since Pope John Paul II made his pilgrimage journey to the Asian and Australian continents. On his way back, he stopped in Sri Lanka to beatify …

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Ven. Fr. Agnelo de Souza


Venerable Fr. Agnelo de Souza & The Society of Pilar ~ GoaThe teachings of Jesus Christ came to Goa in the the mid-sixteenth century through Catholic missionaries who followed the Portuguese conquests. Through the efforts of Saint Francis Xavier, the Christian message was extended to the hinterland of Goa, and …

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Feast of the Holy Spirit Church, Margao


Modern Margao is South Goa’s commercial hub and has grown from a small market town into one of Goa’s largest cities. Here one finds a mix of everything modern and traditinal, from bullock carts to the latest in automotive design. As the centre of transportation in South Goa’most visitors will …

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Procession of the Saints in Velha Goa


Goa Velha, today’s location for the famous Procession of the Saints at St.Andrew’s Church, has a rich history which began long before the arrival of the Portuguese. In 973 AD, the Chalukya Hindu dynasty finally routed their historical enemies, the Rashtrakutas and ousted them from their former capital at Chandrapura …

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Good Friday Celebrations in Panjim


Good Friday is a day of sincere reverence among Goan Catholics. It is the culmination of Lent, an important observance in the lives of devout Catholics. Lent is observed for 40 days from February to March, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending on Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday. In …

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Feast of St. Francis Xavier


Message from Rev. Fr.Moreno D’Souza SJ – a Konkani writer and editor of “Roti” magazine as interviewed by Joel D’souza for GOACOM. …Dear Friends and Goans spread all over the world…. St.Francis has been called by all Goans “Goencho Saib”, meaning – Lord of Goa. For 9 days the corridors …

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Feast of Holy Cross at Panarim (Aldona)


The Feast of the Holy Cross at the Capela de Santa Cruz, at Panarim, Aldona on May 3, 1999 was a day to be remembered. Preceeded by a Novena that was preached by Fr. Felix Mendes,M.S.F.S., the Director of the Fransalian Boarding House at Aldona. The the people woke up …

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Feast of ‘Passion of Christ’ at Siridao

Feast of the Passion of Christ Siridao is a small village in Tiswadi, which rests on the Arabian Sea facing one side of the Mormugoa Port. On a hillock lies a chapel which was built by the Dominicans before 1604 and was later restored and enlarged in 1906 by Adv. …

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