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art cultureThe east is the east, the west the west, but the twain do meet in Goa. After all, where in the world would you find Christmas celebrated with as much zest as Diwali, or where fish curry and rice are eaten side-by-side with chouricos (Portuguese for sausages). Imagine yourself strolling amongst women full dressed in their saris wading through one of Goa’s numerous beaches, and then having the (mis)fortune of accidentally walking over a not so fully dressed person taking in the rays. Goa is indeed a bridge between the east and west, with Goans (NOT Goanese!) serving their role as bridge keepers or “Culture Brokers” between the two. In order to better appreciate Goa and its unique culture, history and people, we hope that you take some time to browse through the several sections listed below.

Religion Articles


GOA’S MYSTERY OF THE VANISHING CHRISTIAN To Cherish and to Share: The Goan Christian Heritage

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Goan Hindu Festivals


Sangodd at Cumbharjua Zagor Haldi Kukum Dussehra Nagpancham: A Tribute to Nature Ganpati (Ganesh Chaturthi) The Zatra at Shirgao Shigmo Maruti Temple (Mala – Panjim, Goa) Festival of Colours – Holi Diwali Dambab saal at Varca Shravan – a month of Pujas and fasting Raksha Bhandan Janmashtami: The birth at …

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Festival of Colours – Holi

Holi is the major festival celebrated all Over India. People enjoy the festive of colours by colouring each other irrespective of their caste and religion.  Holi, a festival of colours is played in Goa with great Joy and enthusiam. Holi is celebrated in the month of Phalgun which is the …

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Maruti Temple (Mala – Panjim, Goa)


The Maruthi Temple at Mala Panjim is one of the most beautiful temples in Panjim. It is said that the idol of Maruthi in the main temple can be seen even from the main road, thorough an opening in the basement wall of the temple. It looks very beautiful with …

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Goa’s Freedom Movement

By: Lambert Mascarenhas Co-Founder & Former Editor of Goa Today, Panaji. This account is taken from Bibliography of Goa and the Portuguese in India By Henry Scholberg with the collaboration of Archana Ashok Kakodkar and Carmo Azevedo 1st edition – New Delhi, Promilla, 1982 xix, 413p., 4 leaves of plates: …

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By Malini Bisen The 42-day Maha Kumbh Mela (Great Kumbh Fair), which begins January 9, will draw 30 million devotees – roughly the population of Canada – to Allahabad where the holy Ganges and Yamuna rivers meet. KUMBH MELA DATES IN 2001: * 9 January 2001: Paush Purnima * 14 …

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MANUEL FRANCISCO D’CRUZ – Doyen of Education in Moira


MANUEL FRANCISCO D’CRUZ Doyen of Education in Moira Born on October 15, 1910, Manuel Francisco D’Cruz, founder and ex-Principal of St.Xavier’s High School, Moira, in an exclusive tete-tete with Glenis D’Souza and Gordon Mendonca, discloses his convictions and sweet-sour experiences. Q. What inspired you to establish the St. Xavier’s High …

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Remembering the R G I

The Railway Goan Institute, Nairobi  Kenya Founded 1909 ~ Incorporated into the Railway Institute 1967 An Institution is nothing in itself. It is those who found it, and carry on its aims and purposes, which give it life. The history which follows of the Railway Goan Institute, is a story …

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INDEPENDENT KENYA’S FIRST MARTYR     Reproduced from the book PRINTED IN EAST AFRICA BY PRINTCRAFT P.O. Box 355 NAIROBI February 1966   CONTRIBUTORS Biography General Politics by Oginga Odinga, Vice-President of Kenya An Appreciation by Joseph Murumbi, Foreign Minister A Friend by Bildad Kaggia, Member of Parliament A Nationalist …

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