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art cultureThe east is the east, the west the west, but the twain do meet in Goa. After all, where in the world would you find Christmas celebrated with as much zest as Diwali, or where fish curry and rice are eaten side-by-side with chouricos (Portuguese for sausages). Imagine yourself strolling amongst women full dressed in their saris wading through one of Goa’s numerous beaches, and then having the (mis)fortune of accidentally walking over a not so fully dressed person taking in the rays. Goa is indeed a bridge between the east and west, with Goans (NOT Goanese!) serving their role as bridge keepers or “Culture Brokers” between the two. In order to better appreciate Goa and its unique culture, history and people, we hope that you take some time to browse through the several sections listed below.

Dr Acacio Viegas

Dr Teresa Albuquerque tells about a simple Goan medical practitioner, who created an impact by his brilliant diagnosis of the disease, which he said was Bubonic Plague. He himself tended patients at great personal risk and at the same time conducted a vigorous campaign in the press to clean up …

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JOE ROSE – Salt-n-Pepper of Konkani Tiatr


HIGHLY talented tiatrist and singer Joe Rose has been riding on the crest of popularity for several years. Tiatr audiences lap up his lovable, satirical songs and marvel at his excellent character roles. At Bonaventure D’Pietro’s tiatr “Boroinnar-Director” staged recently in Anjuna, Joe Rose had to appear again and again …

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Reginald Fernandes – a prodigious Konkani writer

Reginald Fernandes, a prodigious Konkani writer

Remembering Reginald TRAINED in music but infatuated with literature, Reginald Fernandes, Patxai Romansicho, has left behind probably more books than any other known novelist. Reginald was not only a prodigious Konkani writer but also a proficient lyricist, musician and playwright. The time for the vespers had arrived at the Church …

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GOA’S MYSTERY OF THE VANISHING CHRISTIAN: WHERE DID THE NUMBERS GO? PANJIM, March 9: Goa’s religious composition has changed “substantially” over the last decade and half, and Christians have lost the majority status with they maintained till 1900, says a recently published book on the state. But contrary to what …

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Sangodd at Cumbharjua


The Cumbarjua canal was agog with music, crackers and nearly 20 floats on boats. The occasion was the traditional ‘sangodds‘, on which the people of Marcel and Cumbharjua take their Ganesh idols for immersion in the river on boats tied together and decorated with floats depicting mythological events and popular …

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Bonderam at Divar


THE Divar island’s wonderful festival of Bonderam was celebrated with a big bang by the Piedade Youth Association on August 25 evening, with plenty of colour, music and entertainment. With every passing year the crowd at the flag festival appears to be larger than the previous year. The six participating …

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The feasts of San Joao and St. Peter, Goa’s Monsoon festivals


Goa’s Monsoon Magic MONSOON celebrations in Goa bother little whether it rains or not. The monsoon this year has been playing truant, affecting the cultivators adversely but the people living on Goa’s picturesque coast have not allowed the disturbing fact to dampen their spirits. They celebrated the monsoon feasts like …

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Bhonvor, the pivotal character of Zagor. GOAN villages indulge in their own typically rustic modes of entertainment, and the closer the village to the sea or the river, the degree of excitement, exuberance and eagerness to celebrate seems to escalate. To feel the throb of the real excitement one has …

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Haldi Kukum


By Aarti Mulgaonkar GOA’S Hindu women, decked up for the evening, are seen all over the village and city every mid-January, in small groups, visiting their neighbours for the traditional Haldi-Kukum. Being celebrated solely by the married women in Goa and Maharashtra, Haldi-Kukum can hardly be called a festival because …

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There are several zatras, which are related to the Dussehra, which is celebrated with much gusto here. Dussehra is generally considered as the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated with a lot of colour, particularly with garlands of marigold flowers. Virtually, everything from the vehicle, house to the …

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