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Religions and Festivals

religion and fstivalThis section of GOACOM celebrates Goa’s diverse but harmonious co-existance of its Hindu and Christian populations. Goa is unique in its intermingling of its various religious celebrations. No more is this more apparent than in the celebration of a “Zagor”. A Zagor, which means “nocturnal vigil”, is actually a dance-drama that starts out with a processions of Hindus and Christians from their villages, which converges onto the zagor site with exuberant singing and dancing from either side.

In the sections below, we have attempted to provide a glimpse of Goa’s cultural diversity. For the sake of better readability, we have separated the Hindu and Christian feasts, but that does a lot of injustice to reality – they belong to be together.

Goan Hindu Festivals

Goan Christian Festivals

Goan Saints and those awaiting Sainthood

St. Francis Xavier

Religion Articles

Goan Religious Organisations

Shri Kamakshi Temple, Shiroda

At a distance of 37 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 32.7 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 19 km from Margao Railway Station, Shri Kamakshi Temple is situated in North Goa. The temple of Shri Kamakshi is set amidst hills in the picturesque village of Shiroda of …

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Makar Sankranti


Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues Makara Sankranti is generally celebrated every year on January 14, with a few exceptions on January 15. It is interesting to note that although the Hindu religious festivals are celebrated on the basis of lunar and solar calendar, and therefore the change of …

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In the year 1541, a hermitage or a small chapel was built on the hilltop in Panaji for seeking Divine Grace. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception was made into a parochial Church in the year 1600, and it was rebuilt in its present architecture in 1614. It …

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A day dedicated to Lord Vishnu – Ananta Chaturdashi


Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues Ananta Chaturdashi, or the day proceeding the full moon day of Bhadrapad, ten days after Ganesh Chaturthi, brings an end to one phase of the Chaturmaas festive season. In Goa many families have grand celebrations on this day, with special pujas performed and …

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Janmashtami: The birth at midnight


Today, August 23, the Hindu community will be celebrating the birth of a very prominent deity, Krishna. Here are some details about the festival of Janmashtami Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues Janmasthami, marks the birth of Hindu deity Krishna, the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. One of the …

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Raksha Bhandan


Today [18 Aug 2016 ]the Hindu community of Goa will celebrate three festivals – Raksha Bhandan, Narali Purnima and Sutachi Punav. Here are a few details about all the celebrations Maria De Lourdes Bravo Da Costa Rodrigues On Thursday, the full moon night (purnima), the Hindu community of Goa will …

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Shravan – a month of Pujas and fasting

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is preceded by the month of Shravan, a holy month of prayer and fasting. During this month, the Hindus prepare themselves for this festival with religious fervour. It is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. The day of Gatari Amavatsya precedes the month of …

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Dambab saal at Varca


Any Goan Hindu will relate to the two ‘Saal’s’ in Goa: one at Comba, Margao and the other one at Vasco. But very few are aware of the third ‘saal’ that is situated at Varca. ‘Saal’ in Goa is a very common term used for a space of a house …

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Miraculous Saint Anne: Deliverer of one’s deepest desires


Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues The feast of Saint Anne or Santa Ana is celebrated by the Catholic Church on July 26. Although there is no mention in the Bible or the Gospels; it is from Catholic legend and the Gospel of James, which is an unsanctioned apocryphal …

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Vata Purnima

Vata Purnima (Photo Courtesy By Paresh Kanekar)

Most Hindu women observed Vata Purnima in Goa by worship banyan trees whereas some women practice Vata Purnima by worshiping banyan trees branches at their homes with the priest. “Vat Purnima” or Wata Pournima is a celebration observed in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, India. vat Pournima is …

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