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goan_villagesAsk a Goan where he (or she!) is from and the name of the person’s ancestral village will automatically be mentioned. Goan’s have strong ties to their villages and continue to maintain their links with them. Because Goa is such a small place, Goans are never far away from their ancestral villages. Goan villages often have their own peculiar festivals and traditions that continue to be zealously preserved even today. If you still have that strong bond with your village and would like to help it, one way would be by helping out its youth gain access to better education.



Crocs, Kingfishers and Croatians CUMBHARJUA nestles in the beautiful backwaters of Goa, about 20 km away from Panjim by road via the Banastarim bridge, which offers a scenic, water-dominated vista. But the village bounded by the Mandovi river can be approached faster via the northernmost road beyond the magnificent churches …

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Bazaar-bustling Banastarim The weekly bazaar has lent an extra glow to this lovely village By Alister Miranda Think Banastarim and you are bound to her a bazaar buzz in your ear. Its name has become synonymous with rustic marketing. The famed market is perhaps as old as Banastarim itself. Evolved …

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Balmy Bambolim The Holy Cross has put this otherwise somnolent village on the international map. By Alister Miranda Bambolim is Tiswadi or Ilhas Taluka’s cute little village. Since long it has been made known by the Miraculous Cross, and more recently by the sprawling Goa Medical Complex, the AIR Super …

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A profile of the village of Naroa by Rinea Dourado At the southern end of Bicholim Taluka, far away from urban life, lies the quiet and still village of Naroa or Narve. Interestingly, it is situated opposite the village of the same name in the island of Divar, Tiswadi Taluka. …

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A village steeped in ethnicity, which inspired the Goan mando…Siole dongra sokolu…Siolim abounds with talent and exhuberance. The fascinating village treasures age-old traditions, to which they keep adding more and more. Does Bardez begin in Siolim, one of Goa’s most bewitching northern villages, snugly ensconced in the verdant, palm-bedecked bank …

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Lovely to Behold – Olaulim Going unnoticed until of late, the ‘cute’ little village of Olaulim is slowly beginning to attract attention By Alister Miranda It’s existence is quiet and gentle. As gentle as the breeze that lulls into its soul the astounding prevalent tranquility. Naturally hidden beneath a verdant …

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Beach blessed To the North of Bardez, sprawls the village of Nerul caressed by the warm waters of the Mandovi river on one side and bottle-green hillocks on the other. Nerul belongs to Goa’s age-old resort belt, where Portuguese fidalgos holidayed in sweet seclusion amidst the rustling of the tall …

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It is now a part of Mapusa town but, says Marc de Souza of his native village, the essential Cunchelim remains a village in the hearts of its inhabitants Cunchelim is a land-locked village, surrounded by Duler in the South, Siolim (Marna) in the west, Camurlim (Maina) and Colvale in …

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Rivona Village The village of Rivona is located on the border between modern-day Quepem and Sanguem talukas in the southern half of the state of Goa. Rolling hills and lush green forested terrain dotted by small cultivated fields describes the landscape of this village which is well watered by flowing …

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