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goan_villagesAsk a Goan where he (or she!) is from and the name of the person’s ancestral village will automatically be mentioned. Goan’s have strong ties to their villages and continue to maintain their links with them. Because Goa is such a small place, Goans are never far away from their ancestral villages. Goan villages often have their own peculiar festivals and traditions that continue to be zealously preserved even today. If you still have that strong bond with your village and would like to help it, one way would be by helping out its youth gain access to better education.



Tradition and Transformation In Galjibaga, one first feels as if he has entered into a secret enclave, passed over completely by the sands of time. Arriving in an old wooden canoe propelled by an even older sun-withered man, this small village on Goa’s southern-most shore seems totally isolated from the …

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The Village of Maulingam In the North-East corner of the state of Goa, on the border between Bicholim and Sattari, lies the small hamlet of Maulingam, where most of the traditional ways of the past are alive in the present. The villagers of Maulingam are among the true ‘sons of …

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There is history writ large on the undulating terrain of Tivim, a Bardez village abounding in placid lakes, aging ruins of once robust forts and even quaint tunnels. Tivim begins just a few kilometres from Mapusa where the Tivim Industrial Estate ends. However, the bustling estate, housing some of Goa’s …

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Parra – SWEET, RED MELONS.. People in Bardez know Parra because of its sweet, red watermellons. People elsewhere know it by virtue of its pioneering English institution, the Sacred Heart of Jesus High School. Though these are Parra’s important facets, the fame doesn’t end with them, because the enigmatic Porrikars …

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Seat of Learning  Girvoddea or Guirim, which everyone travelling the National Highway 17 sees everyday, nestles at the centre of the Old Conquests of Bardez. Guirim was known for the sacramental wine for the Mass, prepared by the Monte de Guirim friars. The emerald hillock–Monte de Guirim–bestows on the agrarian …

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Camurlim – SWEET SECLUSION… Camurlly, Camorlly, Camara-halli or whatever the quaint village might have been called by people down the centuries, forlorn Camurlim is certainly worth a visit. Flowing placidly along the palm-lined banks, the Chapora river embosses the green grandeur with charm-filled nooks and crannies. A seven-kilometre drive North …

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Candolim – Exotic Resort Land… Traditional old peace, green grandeur and golden sands have woken up to witness a new dawn in the charming, coastal village of Candolim. The almost unending Aguada fortress skirting the Sin querim plateau, the beautiful Linhares Church and the lighthouse, glowing warmly in the evening …

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Calangute – “Queen of Goa’s Beaches”


Calangute – The Queen of Beaches… Calangute is a palm-bedecked, sunny haven nestling in a green semi-circle of the villages of Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao and Candolim. The open end in the West has the Arabian azure bathing the beautiful beach known as the “Queen of Beaches.” The scenic natural beauty of …

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The saga of Anjuna lays claim to great antiquity. It harks back to times remote when Bhumika Devi, primitive earth-goddess reigned supreme in her temple by the sacred tolem; the god Vetal in the vicinity near the pond of devadasis. The story tells of installation of the swayambu or self-generated …

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ARPORA-NAGOA-BAGA- QUEER CLUSTER... Arpora, Nagoa and Baga are palm-bedecked coastal hamlets of North Goa, which are clustered together to rig up a revenue village. This curious cluste r falls near the hub of the tourism swirl engulfing the Anjuna-Calangute belt. The village of about 6000 souls is skirted by Anjuna, …

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