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Goan Villages

goan_villagesAsk a Goan where he (or she!) is from and the name of the person’s ancestral village will automatically be mentioned. Goan’s have strong ties to their villages and continue to maintain their links with them. Because Goa is such a small place, Goans are never far away from their ancestral villages. Goan villages often have their own peculiar festivals and traditions that continue to be zealously preserved even today. If you still have that strong bond with your village and would like to help it, one way would be by helping out its youth gain access to better education.



ASSONORA – By the River Par ... Fifteen kilometres East of Mapusa town lies a forlorn village called Assonora. Whether the name Assonora comes from the asson (a timber tree) known for its medicinal bark is uncertain. But Assonora is definitely a well wooded village by virtue of the gurgling …

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Assagao – THE CROSSANDRA VALLEY… Assagao figures amidst the tiniest and well laid out villages of the Velhas Conquistas  of Bardez. And small is naturally beautiful. Assagao is a mere strip of land of about 7 kilometres in length, and it is sandwiched between greenhills clothed in caju groves. From …

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