Cattle pose a big danger to vehicles

A journey may be pleasant with greenery all along the roads in during the monsoons, but one can hardly envisage danger ahead of them, as cattle have gala time sitting in the middle of the roads.
Many accidents take place along the highways and other internals roads due to the stray cattle, which lead to injury and loss of life and property.
In a recent incident at Upasnagar, a car (GA-01-S-9948) hit a herd of cattle injuring the car driver and killing two cows on the spot besides damaging the car. However, the incident is one of the many accidents which go unnoticed along the highway.
This incident did not stop here as another car which was trailing behind was left with no choice but to bang the car that met with the accident.
According to a source, authorities have failed to impound the cattle which block the roads and put the lives of the people in danger.
“Once the cattle die on the road, its owners who earn extra living at the cost of the animal also disown the dead animal and let it rot alongside the road or at times in the middle of the road, which again causes a great nuisance,” added the source. [H]