CCP lifts ban on expos, film shootings in city


Saying that the decision taken during its last council meeting, in January 2013, as regards banning exhibitions and film shootings in Panaji was ‘partial’ and ‘unjust’ towards certain parts of the city, the Mayor Ms Vaidehi Naik on Thursday said that therefore,
the decision cannot be considered, and the Corporation would now have to stick to its earlier decision taken in December 2012, which allows such activities in the city.
“The CCP has no right to ban any activity in the city and can only put conditions for certain activities in the interest of the citizens,” the Mayor observed, maintaining that the days and timing of the film shootings can be fixed as per the convenience of the citizens. She also mentioned that the government sponsored/ supported exhibitions can be easily managed by the CCP, especially the handling of the garbage generated through them, besides such activities bringing revenue to the municipal body.  
Furthermore, the Mayor said that the decisions about the commercial constructions in the city have to be taken by the Planning and Development Authority (PDA) and the Corporation cannot put a blanket ban on the same. “The CCP can however, put restrictions on such works,” she noted.
Earlier, ignoring the requests of the councillors in the opposition panel as regards allowing discussion on various city-linked issues, at the ordinary Corporation meeting, the Mayor rushed through the agenda for the meeting and confirmed the same, just as the 12 opposition panel members shouted slogans against her style of functioning.
The agenda included items like confirming the minutes of the last ordinary meeting, discussion regarding pre-monsoon works as well as revenue generation measures for the next financial year, resolution for development of gardens in Ribandar, another resolution about notifying the road in Ribandar as road for pedestrians and two wheelers only, and so on.  
Later, speaking to the pressmen, she said that the councillors from the opposition panel wanted to deviate from the agenda and waste the precious meeting time. “I an working on war footing on the pre-monsoon works as well as creating revenue generation measures through the CCP budget, by completely sidelining the fact that the election for the post of the Mayor for the next one year, is round the corner,” she pointed out.
The opposition panel councillors including former mayor, Mr Yatin Parekh, former deputy mayor, Mr Rudresh Chodankar and Mr Kabir Pinto Makhija said that they wanted to discuss important issues concerning the people of Panaji like the maintenance of the Caranzalem garden and municipal market shop allotment. “The Mayor however, bulldozed through the proceedings and did not allow us to speak,” they complained, adding that the Mayor has no clue about running the administration and takes resolutions in one meeting, only to discard them in the next. [NT]