CCP’s innovative campaign keeping IFFI venues clean

In a novel initiative called ‘Seeti Bajao Campaign’ launched Wednesday, the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has roped in whistle blowers to keep IFFI venues clean and thankfully its working.

Sanjit Rodrigues, Commissioner of CCP said, “We have a group of volunteers with whistles who keep a close watch on anyone littering IFFI venues. They whistle at the individual or group who has littered the area until they pick up the dirt and drop it in the bin.”

Day one of this exercise received an overwhelming response and CCP heaved a sigh of relief to see how the Seeti Bajao Campaign was keeping the IFFI venues free of garbage and litter. The CCP which has introduced zero tolerance to garbage by enforcing ban on plastic items at IFFI this year embarked on Seeti Bajao Campaign to ensure that the problem of litter is also reduced to a great extent.

Rodrigues said that this Seeti Bajao Campaign will be taken to the City in the days to come. Presently the ban on use of plastic bags to serve food and drinks has also achieved tremendous results.

The CCP Commissioner said , “Even the kiosks selling bhel puri and food items away from the IFFI venues have switched over to steel plates and spoons and waste from gaddas is almost zero.”

“We have managed to reduce our plastic non-biodegradable waste by more than 60 to 65 per cent and segregation of the remaining is 100 per cent,” he said adding that the drive has been very encouraging. The Seeti Bajao campaign he said would be extended to all events that take place in Panjim henceforth. [H]