CCP seeks Rs 500 crore package

Panjim: The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) in its submission before the 15th Finance Commission has sought a special package of Rs 500 crore towards the development of the capital city.

CCP Mayor Uday Madkaikar in a memorandum submitted to the Commission has lamented that Panjim city has hardly received any assistance from Centre in spite of making a huge economic contribution to the State and Centre by way of its strong service based economy.

“I would like to put forth our immediate requirements of urgent needs to make the city of Panjim, a liveable, economically vibrant and sustainable place with beauty for all to enjoy,” the memorandum stated.

“We are hopeful that the 15th Finance Commission would consider our plea and devolve the required resources of around Rs 500 crore well deserved by the city to take the city initiative forward,” it added.

Speaking to media persons, Madkaikar said the Finance Commission was informed that for the last three years, CCP received no funds from the government, as reimbursement towards Octroi.

“We also brought to the notice of the Commission that State failed to give CCP their share of GST, which was compensated by the Centre,” he said.

CCP has sought funds for solid waste management, environment and ecological conservation, introduction of light rapid public transport, heritage conservation and to give boost to local economy. [H]