CCP to begin four-bin garbage segregation from March 18


The Corporation of the City of Panaji will begin a zone-wise, four bin garbage segregation system from March 18, beginning with Mira mar which generates four truck loads of dry waste per week. The collection would be done door to door every alternate day by CCP staff on tricycles.
The ‘four bin garbage segregation system’ would imply segregation of waste at source into four different ~plastics, paper, metal/glass and non-recyclables.
This system has already been made functional in all hotels and restaurants in the city and in around 60 housing colonies. 
This constitutes 13 truck loads of waste generated weekly by the city. 
Every week the city generates 26 trucks of dry non-biodegradable waste which comprises all types of plastics, paper, metal, glass, Styrofoam, cloth, shoes, slippers, Rexene etc, which is collected from households on Mondays and Thursdays. Further sorting of this dry waste when heaped together is a tedious, time consuming and labour intensive task.
Nirmala Institute of Education’s 100 B Ed students, who have been trained by CCP’s Waste Management Cell will visit each Mira Mar household on 11th and 12th of March to explain the modalities of segregating and collecting dry waste at source. 
All dry recyclables are sent for recycling and non-recyclables are compressed into bales and transported to cement units for use as alternate fuel. [H]