Goa Carnival 2013

Carnival King Momo


Carnival is one of the famous and most celebrated festival in Goa since the 18th Century. Carnival King MomoIt involves huge parades of Colourfull Floats, Music Bands, Dance and grand balls in the evening.


The Festivals usually last for 5 days starting from capital city of Goa i.e. Panaji and then follows in with other cities of Goa namely  Mapusa, Margao and Vasco.


Most highlighting of the festival is arrival and presence of “KING MOMO” which takes over the festival and the streets come alive with music and color.

This year carnival will be celebrated starting from 9th February and ending on 12th February 2013.



Carnival Event Gallery at Panaji



Carnival, Carnaval, Carnevale – What is the origin of these words and the rowdy festivals associated with them? The earliest mention of a Carnival celebration is recorded in a 12th-century Roman account of the pope and upper class Roman citizens watching a parade through the city, followed by the killing of steers and other animals. The purpose was to play and eat meat before Ash Wednesday, which marked the beginning of Catholic Lent – the forty-day fast leading up to Easter. The Latin term carnem-levare – to remove oneself from flesh or meat – was used to refer to the festival.

The pre-Lenten celebration grew in popularity over the next few centuries, spreading to other European cities and rural communities. Italians eventually shortened the name to Carnevale – flesh farewell – and the word was translated into Spanish and Portuguese as Carnaval, into English as

Carnival. (http://www.carnavalexhibit.org).