Central Board petitioned to classify industries

 The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has decided to petition the Central Pollution Control Board to reconsider the industrial categorization, following a representation from Goa State Industries Association (GSIA).

The GSIA on Wednesday made a representation to GSPCB requesting them to reconsider the categorization of engineering and fabrication industries and change it from ‘orange’ to ‘green’.

GSPCB chairman Jose Manuel Noronha said that the association came up with a request that all engineering and fabrication industries falling under ‘orange’ category should be reverted to ‘green’ category, as identified by GSPCB.

“We explained to them that the Board has no authority as the classification is done by Central Pollution Control Board. We can only put before them the issues raised by GSIA,” Noronha said.

The chairman said that the Board has decided to forward the request of GSIA to Central Pollution Board. Noronha said that GSIA’s worries were that industries or projects falling under the orange category would have to seek ECs from the Board for being operational. “They will have to follow stringent rules,” he said.

The Central Board, earlier his month, had issued fresh directives under section 18 (i) (b) of the Water (Prevention and Control of pollution) Act 1974 regarding classification of industries into red/orange and green categories. The new classification has landed several non categorized industries being included in red category by GSPCB. Some identified as green project are also categorized as orange by the central board.

Various infrastructural projects including expansion of national highways and airports and pipeline carrying gas and oil in Goa has now been categorized as ‘red’ category industries, as against ‘non categorized’ by GSPCB.

Three starred hotels with 100 and above room capacity, which were earlier classified as ‘orange’ have now been classified under ‘red’ category industry. [H]