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Centre’s fund to tackle Sal pollution

Panaji: The government on Monday received a letter sanctioning Rs 60 crore for cleaning of River Sal, provided by the Union ministry for environment and forests, chief minister Manohar Parrikar said on Tuesday.“Only yesterday I received a letter from Harsha Vardhan (Union minister for environment) that they have sanctioned Rs 60 crore to clean River Sal. They have generously given us the funding and we have to acknowledge the fact,” Parrikar said.He said that the funds only involve improving the quality of affluents flowing into the Sal river and that dredging is not a part of the project. “These funds are to tackle the pollution of River Sal. This is to improve affluents going into the river. We have already executed part of it. It is to ensure that dirt and sewage does not flow into the Sal,” Parrikar said. [TOI]

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