Chaos at Aldona, Nerul communidade elections


The communidade elections held on Sunday, incidentally the first Sunday of the new year, witnessed chaos and confusion at Nerul and Aldona.
Though the new committees were elected, the entire process of election was marred with unpleasant atmosphere.
The elections for the new committees of the communidades began in Goa from December 9 last year and will be ending on January 20. The elections are held every Sundays. In keeping with this programme,  9 communidade bodies went to the polls on Sunday but it is learnt that  for the   Nerul and Boa Esperanca de Aldona elections there was confusion and chaos.  
Some gaunkars of Boa Esperanca De Aldona have alleged that the entire election process was rigged there as an official vehicle  was being used to ferry voters, besides a lot of non-gaunkars also took part in the election  amidst a strong posse of policemen.
It is also learnt that panchayat members were  also actively seen around the election centre.
One  gaunkar  even alleged that the administrator had not approved the list of able components, the claim which the administrator denied. Though finally the group owing allegiance to local MLA, Mr Glen Ticlo emerged victorious, gaunkars have pointed out that the entire election process has taken place  in a shoddy manner.
At Nerul the presiding officer, one Mr Suresh Morasker failed to turn up leading to some confrontation between the able components and the clerk.
President-elect Mr Eric Godinho informed that they had tried contacting the Collector but there was no reply and when the presiding officer was contacted he refused to come as he is reported to have told them that he has  not received any intimation regarding his deputation as an election presiding officer.
Mr Godinho  lambasted the government and the election  officials and said that the government has always been nurturing a negative attitude to the Communidades.
He  felt that if at all the government was bent on finishing the communidades why at all should elections  be held in such unpleasant atmosphere and rather communidades should be allowed to die a natural death.
He  felt that if there was any concern to the communidades on the part of the government  then steps must be taken to ensure that the ongoing elections are held smoothly.
Meanwhile, Administrator of North Zone Communidades, Ms Irene Sequeira, when contacted  said  that she was yet to receive the report of the elections  conducted on Sunday.
She, however, admitted that the presiding officer was absent at Nerul but said that elections were conducted.
She also  informed that through preliminary enquiry she had learnt that two groups were formed at Aldona. [NT]