Charas worth Rs 75,000 seized at Assagao

The Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) sleuths have seized 500 grams of charas at Assagao worth Rs 75,000 in the international market, a senior officer said.

The ANC team, based on a tip-off, laid a trap on Tuesday night near Assagao bus stop and caught a Sindhudurg-native Anis Darvajkar red-handed with the contraband in his possession.

“Anis was arrested based on specific inputs and his physical description… We formed a raiding team and positioned it near the bus stop. He was arrested with narcotics in his possession,” Superintendent of Police (ANC) O P Mishra said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Anis, 18, is a economically poor school dropout.

“His father is a driver on a Mumbai-Goa interstate bus. Since he comes from a poor family, he wanted to earn money by selling drugs,” the officer said adding that the alleged peddler was produced before JMFC Court for remand. [H]