Chimbel to go for pay parking from April 1


The Chimbel Panchayat has decided to implement pay parking within its jurisdiction from April 1.
Along with the parking fees, the panchayat has also decided to collect market fees under which vendors selling fish, vegetable, meat, etc, will have to pay a certain fixed amount per day for doing business within the village.
 The move appears to be an attempt to generate revenue from areas like Indira Nagar where several vehicle owners are parking their vehicles at will in open spaces and also several vendors are doing unauthorized business of selling vegetable, fish, fruits, tea, snacks, etc.
Though the panchayat does not have a market place of its own, the panchayat authorities informed that they have identified places where vendors are doing business and since these vendors do not pay any tax, they will be charged fee so that the panchayat do not lose on the revenue.
In this regard, the panchayat will hold auction for collection of market fees and parking fees in the panchayat office on March 6 at 3.30 pm.
Only voters of Chimbel who are interested in participating in the auction will have to deposit Rs 25,000 as EMD on March 5, which is refundable. All other terms and conditions are available in the panchayat office during office hours, states a press release issued by the Chimbel Panchayat. [H]