Chouricos (spicy goan sausages)

Chouricos (spicy goan sausages)

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 5 lb pork, wiped dry and cut into small pieces.
Use Grind:
Use 4 oz red chillies
Use 2 oz garlic
Use 1 tbsp cumin seeds
Use 2 tbsp powdered nutmeg
Use ¾ bottle vinegar
Use 2 tbsp salt
Use A little turmeric powder
Use 1 tsp saltpetre
Use 1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
Use 1 wine glass coconut feni


Mix all together, put in an earthenware pot and press down with a weight and leave for 24 hours. On the following day fill in clean gut skin that has been first smoked and then dried in the sun., knotting at intervals to make sausages