Christmas Fiesta at Rosary College

Every year, since way before my time here at Rosary College of Arts and Commerce, Navelim, the student’s council puts together a little event to wrap things up before the Christmas and New Year holidays. It is exclusively for the students of the college though. This time it was dubbed the Christmas Fiesta, an almost week long programme if you exclude Goa’s Liberation day.

The idea was basically to allot a theme for each day and have students parade about in their funky costumes. It started on December 18 and will continue up to December 22. The themes were rather interesting like Retro Day, Halloween and Desi Funk, and not to mention Cartoon Day.
The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s was what it was all about when it came to retro day and even I sported my Saturday Night Fever look, by donning that black shirt and those white pants like John Travolta did in the 70’s classic flick. The moment I stepped in, it was like I travelled back in time as everyone was enthusiastic enough to sport those crazy fashion trends from back in the olden days.
The next day was even better, as it was Halloween. Ghouls, ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves and witches were everywhere. You name it and they were there. It was a little disappointing to see a little too many people being rather unimaginative by just going plain gothic though. As for me, I got my claws out for this one and that’s all the information you could probably get. Talking to some of the students, it was clear that the first year students were quite enthusiastic and excited as it was the first time they had a chance to experience something like this. The second and the third year students on the other hand did show up in their outfits, but were a bit disappointed saying that it was far better the last time around, I agree with them. Well there are still three more days to go so let’s hope things shape up to be a really fitting end to the year. ( Royden Dias)