Christmas in Goa



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Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ, The son of God was born in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago. Inspite of being the Son of God, he became a human and came in this world as an ordinary person. When he was born he did not have proper shelter nor did he lead a luxurious life.  He tried to change the life of people by saving them from sins through his teachings, preaching’s, healing various kinds of people and proclaimed the word of God. In his teachings he used to say, To Love one another, Help those who are in need etc….

In this modern era, When we celebrate Christmas we are mostly attracted towards the worldly and materialistic life i.e. we give more preference to

1. What are the sweets that will be preparing?

2. What outfit should I wear for midnight mass?

3. Where we should plan for the party?

4. How best I can make my crib done?

5. How should I decorate my House?

But, is it what Christmas is all about??? Ask ourselves Did Jesus had these materialistic things when he came in this world? Did he live like a king?? Did he lead a luxurious life?

The significance of Christmas means preparing our hearts  by getting free from our sins through good confessions & making a way for Jesus to come into our hearts and to receive him with real Joy, Love and Peace. Also inculcate his values in us & be a better person in life through our actions.

Let us all try to do some good deeds as we approach Christmas and stay away from things that take away from Him.