Churchill makes veiled threat at AIFF


Churchill Brothers Sports Club owner Churchill Alemao has ridiculed the All India Football Federation's infamous U-turn over MohunBagan and retained the right to "consider the next course of action" if the MohunBagan anomaly is not corrected immediately.
Churchill Brothers, leading the I-League table with three points and a match in hand, are the worst hit by AIFF's decision to reinstate Mohun Bagan in the competition. Churchill have to play a determined and hungry Mohun Bagan twice for the remainder of the league.
Churchill have claimed that all teams that were scheduled to play against Mohun Bagan from December 10 to January 15 should be awarded three points.
"The Bagan matches cannot be rescheduled as the team was suspended and the I-League continued without any break," Alemao wrote in a strongly-worded letter to AIFF president Praful Patel on Thursday.
"Rescheduling of Mohun Bagan matches will only provide additional advantage to Mohun Bagan, when actually they should be penalized. The team, if not suspended, will utilize the period of their inactivity as a bonus, as the rest period has certainly provided an opportunity for their players to raise their fitness levels, when all other teams had to go through the hard grind, which is unfair," said Alemao.
Alemao also pointed out that teams who won against Mohun Bagan would get "undue advantage" in the final analysis. He said the best would have been to treat all matches that Bagan played earlier as "null and void."
"Any punishment or waiver ought to be backed by relevant rules. While the core committee as well as the one-man inquiry commission pointed to the relevant rule, the executive committee has not ascribed any role or provision in arriving at the shocking decision on January 15, thus violating the process of natural justice and fair play," said Alemao.
"We pray that a decision on our play be taken at the earliest so as to allow us to consider our next course of action, and in any case, before we face Mohun Bagan. This is indeed needed so as to meet the ends of justice and fair play.
"Rescheduling of our matches, if any, need to be done in consultation with us and we reserve the right in this connection, depending on what the matter is," said Alemao. [TOI]